DPS Bokaro

House Activities

The school has divided its students into 6 houses namely Ganga, Jamuna, Raavi, Chenab, Sutlej and Jhelum. Each student is put under a specific house when he/she takes admission in the school. Each student is allotted a specific house and care is taken that each house has almost equal number of students, both boys and girls. Each house is placed under a house warden and tutors and year long co-scholastic activities are held to judge the performance of each child in the co-scholastic area along with the academic area as this is the concept of holistic education, based on the CBSE guidelines.

Various inter house competitions are held throughout the year and to ensure participation of maximum no. of students the rules of participation state that each child can take part in one solo and one group activity in the cultural and co-curricular area and one sport activity for all the inter house competitions. Also certain competitions are kept OPEN to encourage more participation.

At the beginning of a session students are required to fill up a coscholastic proforma enlisting their choice of activities in which they wish to participate. Then, a house wise meeting is held where the house wardens and tutors meet the students of their houses from classes 6-12 to know their preferences and choices for the different inter house activities. This also helps in preliminary selection procedure for the house wardens as well as the students.

Inter House Competitions-

All such competitions are held as per the calendar. The various competitions are :-
Cultural -- > Dance, Song, Orchestra & Taal Vadya (percussion)
Art-->Facepainting, calligraphy, poster making, rangoli, on the spot drawing competition
Co-Curricular-->creative writing, debate, quiz, spelling, child & science Projects
Sports-- > Kho-Kho, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Tabletennis, Chess, Skating, Swimming & Cricket A special Cultural Week cum Inter house competition is held every year in which well known judges are invited from within the city and outside.