DPS Bokaro

Curriculum & Syllabus

We are committed to provide an internationally recognized academic education that gives our students the ability to be competitive and successful in the wider world. You will find all of the traditional subjects along with a whole lot of challenging new subjects.The difference at DPS School is that academic environ come wrapped in rich layers of experiential, environmental, entrepreneurial learning and creative arts. In the process we create more authentic motivations for learning, and at the same time expand our students sense of global citizenship and environmental responsibility while exposing them to different possibilities for how we live and grow on the planet earth. The cornerstone of the DPS School curriculum is the Three Frame Day, where every day includes:

The Integral Frame:

Thematic teaching, challenges the students in four ways: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually .. in every lesson.This enables students to have a deep and satisfying learning experience to, develop as complete individuals and remain ever engaged with the learning process.The integral themes support the students ever-widening interests and stages of awareness.

The Instructional Frame

These lessons target core-skills that need repetitive practice. They are supported by traditional subject syllabi, including: mathematics, English, music theory, and languages other than English. Co-operative learning, multi-level teaching, multiple intelligence theory, and a three day rhythm are employed in these lessons .. strategies proven in promoting deep learning.

The Experiential Frame

This frame occupies an extended time-slot each day. Experiential sessions link students to real world enterprises and take advantage of learning opportunities that arise on or off campus, e.g. the arrival of a culture group, the installation of a renewable energy project etc. The lessons have three main purposes:

1. to facilitate entrepreneurial, technological education, 2. to promote diverse health and physical education opportunities, and 3. to provide for arts and crafts education